Fun DIY Christmas Presents for Coworkers

If you are attending a work party over the festive season the chances are you’ll need to bring a few little gifts. Save some money and get some inspiration from these awesome DIY Christmas Presents that you can give to colleagues and even neighbors.

1. Gifts in a Jar

Gifts in a Jar
Jars are such an inexpensive gift idea and can be filled with anything from soaps to candies.

2. Snack Jar

Snack Jar

3. Beauty in a Jar

Beauty in a Jar
Fill an old jar with items from the dollar store such as lip gloss and nail polishes to recreate this idea.

4. Treat Baubles

Treat Baubles
This is a super cute & inexpensive treat bag idea. Purchase some plastic baubles at your dollar store and fill with little trinkets and candy.

5. Cocoa Jars

Cocoa Jars
For this super cute idea, simply fill mini test tubes with cocoa and other items like sprinkles and mallows.

6. Socks & Wine

Socks & Wine
This gift will cost no more than $10 to make and could be used any time of the year. Who doesn’t like socks & wine?

7. For Your Mistletoes

For Your Mistletoes
Purchase several nail polishes from the dollar store and write the words “For Your Mistletoes” on some cards.

8. S’mores Kit

S'mores Kit
You can recycle some old containers to make this yummy S’mores gift complete with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate.

9. Twizz the Season

Twizz the Season
If your colleagues love the licorice treat – then this is the perfect gift for them.

10. Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees
Start a new tradition and make these super easy and cheap Reese’s pipe cleaner Christmas trees for your coworkers.

11. Pink Hamper

Pink Hamper
A hamper ade in a particular color will look great and you can purchase all the items in a dollar store to keep the price low.

12. Snowflakes & Cosmetics

Snowflakes & Cosmetics
Purchase a bunch of ornaments such as a snowflake and attach an item like a lipstick from the dollar store. This is great for female coworkers.

13. Mini Bottles of Wine

Mini Bottles of Wine
This could be the best coworker gift ever – mini bottles of wine in stemless wine glasses.

14. Cocoa Snowmen

Cocoa Snowmen

15. DIY Christmas Presents for Coworkers

DIY Christmas Presents for Coworkers

16. Christmas Sock Exchange

Christmas Sock Exchange
A great idea – bring a pair of Christmas socks filled with goodies and coworkers or neighbors can swap!

17. Candy Santa Sleighs

Candy Santa Sleighs
Use a full-size Hershey bar for the sleigh floor and hot-glue it to the two candy canes, with a Lindt Santa glued to the Hershey bar.

18. Snowman Toblerone

Snowman Toblerone
Toblerone chocolate dressed as a snowman for Christmas. Excellent co-workers gift. Small cute thoughtful gift, in the budget.

19. Avon Reindeer

Avon Reindeer

20. Co-worker Gifts

Co-worker gifts

21. Easy Christmas gift for friends

Easy Christmas gift for friends

22. secret Santa basket

secret Santa basket
Stress relief bath & body works products are the best.

23. Mani gift basket sets

Mani gift basket sets

24. Mistle Toes

Mistle Toes

25. Wine & Glasses

Co worker gifts

26. Cheap gift for co worker

Cheap gift for co worker
Include travel size poof, lotion, shower gel and spray, shimmer chap stick all in a spill proof travel cup.

27. Reindeer Cider

Co-worker Christmas Gift ideas

28. Hot Cocoa

DIY Gifts in a Jar - Hot Cocoa
Instructions Make Hot Cocoa in a Jar
Holiday gifts for coworkers

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