DIY Dollar Store Baby Shower Ideas on a Budget

Hosting a baby shower doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many ways to recycle old items or find great things for cheap at the local dollar store. Get more inspirations from these Dollar Store Baby Shower Ideas which will get your party on track. A lot of these ideas could also be reused for birthdays or bridal showers too so you can continue to get great value from your creative work.

1. Mermaid Centerpiece

mermaid centerpiece
Purchase a fish bowl and plant pot from the dollar store and decorate with glitter mermaid paper. Perfect for a sea themed party.

2. Baby Shower Trophiess

baby bottle golden centerpiece
Great prizes for shower games. Just hot-glue a baby bottle onto a glass candle stick holder, both can be found at the dollar store. Afterwards, spray paint all over with Krylon Metallic Gold and leave it to dry.

Printable Baby Shower Bingo

baby shower bee printable game

3. Blue Decorations

dollar store baby shower ideas with blue theme
If you are hosting a boy baby shower – then you can purchase plenty of blue tissue paper to make the perfect decorations. For example you can cover large boxes to resemble building blocks – then these will look great as decor for the baby’s nursery.

4. Ballerina Cupcake Stand

cupcake stand with tutu
With some pink tulle you can make an impressive dessert stand – it would also look great for a little girl’s birthday party.

5. Pink Centerpiece

This super cute idea feature water gems in a vase with a delightful pink rubber ducks that you can glue a pink bow onto.

6. Tulle Topiary Centerpiece

Make an impressive centerpiece using tulle to create a large pom pom. Place in a vase with other trim such as pink bows. This can also be done in yellow or blue or another color that suits your theme better.

7. Wizard Cup

wizard cup

Decorate a plastic cup with papier mache and other paper designs that you can cut out and paste on.

8. Guess Baby Food

Guess Baby Food Game

See Printable Version 

Grab 5 pots of baby food, replace the labels with numbers, and hand out your guess cards to play this simple and fun game.


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