DIY Halloween Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

If you’re throwing a party for your little nightmare this October then these are great ideas for a Halloween Baby Shower. Of course many of the ideas can be used for a spooky themed birthday party too.

1. Baby Pumpkins

Baby Pumpkins
A simple but adorable idea and works great as a photo prop. Simply place a pacifier in the pumpkin and draw a face. You can add items like a baby hat or ribbons for extra authenticity.

2. Bat Wings

Bat Wings

3. Belly Cake

Belly Cake

4. Candy Corn Bottles

Candy Corn Bottles
These make great favors to hand out. Purchase a batch of dolls bottles and add sweets such as candy corn.

5. Cheese Monsters

Cheese Monsters
Make these edible monsters using Mini Babybel cheeses and cut scary faces into them. Add googly eyes and your monster is complete.
sourceĀ danyabanya

6. Expecting a Nightmare Cake

Expecting a Nightmare Cake

7. Halloween Baby Diaper Cake

Halloween Baby Diaper Cake

8. Halloween Baby Shower Cookies

Halloween Baby Shower Cookies
These cookies will go down a treat. Buy Halloween themed cookie cutters and use a basic recipe for sugar cookies or pre-made dough. Ice in colors such as orange and white.

9. Halloween Corsages

Halloween baby shower corsages

10. Halloween Mason Jar Centerpiece

Halloween Mason Jar Centerpiece

11. Mummy Baby Bump Cake

Mummy Baby Bump Cake

12. Nightmare Before Christmas Diaper Cake

Nightmare Before Christmas Diaper Cake
This Diaper Cake would make an ideal centerpiece for your fall baby shower. Use cardboard to cut out 3 different sized circles for each tier of your cake. Roll diapers and secure with elastic bands to fill each tier. Use Halloween themed paper and ribbons for the trim.

13. Pumpkin Backdrop

Pumpkin Backdrop

14. Halloween Baby Shower Pumpkins

Halloween Baby Shower Pumpkins
A very sweet idea as a centerpiece and so easy to make. Simply paint 3 pumpkins in white and paint each with the letters b,o and y .

15. Pumpkin Cake Pops

Pumpkin Cake Pops
These cake pops are almost too cute to eat. You’ll need white and orange candy melts for the frosting.

16. Pumpkin Shaped Veggie Platter

Pumpkin Shaped Veggie Platter
Satisfy the vegetarians at your party with this veggie platter shaped like a pumpkin.

17. Witches Brooms

Witches Brooms
This peanut butter treat is sure to satisfy all the sweet toothes. You’ll need mini reeces peanut butter cups and pretzels to recreate this idea.
sourceĀ thekitchenmagpie

18. Spider Pumpkin Votives

Spider Pumpkin Votives

19. Pumpkin and Roses Centerpiece

Pumpkin and Roses Centerpiece
White pumpkin and baby pink roses which could also be swapped for blue are perfect for a “little pumpkin” theme baby shower.

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