Easy DIY Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

Throw your little monsters a spooky feast to remember with these frightfully awesome Halloween Party Food Ideas. Even if you are too old for trick or treating – you will still have fun making these sweet treats.

Kids Halloween Party Food

1. Melted Witch Brownies

Witches legs have never looked cuter with these melted witch brownies. You’ll be surprised at how easy they are to make with box of brownie mix, marshmallows, and candy melts.
source youtube

2. Bubbling Witch’s Cauldron Brownies

What a creative way to present a brownie. The bubbling effect is achieved by adding green candies on top of the green frosting.
source youtube

3. Halloween Spider Macarons

source youtube

4. Halloween Pizza

Give pizzas a monstrous makeover with these creepy ideas that will fill the hungriest of goblins. Olives are used for monster eyes while cheese is sliced into strips to make mummy bandages.
source familyfreshmeals

5. Halloween Shaped Sandwitches

With Halloween themed cookie cutters you can make all sorts of spooktacular shaped sandwiches.

6. Halloween Smores

Make this Halloween smores kit  as favors to give out to little terrors. You’ll need ghost peeps, chocolate bars and graham crackers..

7. PB & J Spiders

Every little witch loves a spider shaped sandwich to keep her energy up.

8. Scarecrow Crunch

9. Bat Wings

10. Cheese Monsters

These edible monsters will be a treat with your little ghouls. You’ll need Mini Babybel cheeses to make these cuties. Use a knife to carve out scary faces and add googly eyes.
source danyabanya

11. Bones

These Halloween Bone Treats are so simple to make. You’ll need pretzles, add mini marshmallows on the ends & then cover in white chocolate.

11. Q Tip Treats

With only a few supplies you can mke these gross Q Tips.
source shesaved

12. Rice Krispie Brains

If your little zombies have a craving for brains – then why not whip up these smart treats to satisfy!
source leftbraincraftbrain

13. Carrot Pumpkin

Carrot Pumpkin

14. Frankenstein Rice Krispies

Frankenstein Rice Krispies
Youngsters will have so much fun with these! The trick is to form them before they cool and harden.

15. Pumpkin Poop

Pumpkin Poop

16. Halloween Cake Pops

Halloween Cake Pops
Display Halloween Cake Pops in a coffin for an eerie treat.

17. Vampire Donuts

Vampire Donuts
This is a fun Halloween treat that can be served to kids and adults alike – you’ll need vampire teeth which you pop inside the donuts.

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