DIY Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Unicorn Birthday Ideas

Are you ready to sprinkle some magic into your child’s birthday celebration? Look no further, for we have just the right ideas to make their special day a fantastical experience. As the colorful and magnificent world of unicorns continues to capture the hearts of children and adults alike, it’s no wonder that unicorn-themed parties are trending like never before. From rainbow cakes to glittery decorations, the possibilities are endless when it comes to throwing a unicorn-themed birthday party. Join us as we dive into the enchanting world of unicorns and explore some amazing ideas to make your child’s birthday party a memorable one.

1. Unicorn Piñata

unicorn pinata
Make your own glittery unicorn piñata with cardboard and crepe paper! Making the piñata craft would be a really fun unicorn style party game!
Instructions Unicorn Piñata

2. Easy Unicorn Centerpiece

unicorn centerpiece

Fill little glass bowls with pink pom pom fluff and garnish with a few colorful lollipops and a pretty bow to finish off this simple table decoration.

3. Hula Hoop Toss

unicorn hula hoop game
This fun game is created by painting a cone with sparkly colors and a bunch of hula hoops to toss.

4. Unicorn Birthday Party Cake

It’s easier than you would think to make a unicorn cake – for example a wafer cone can easily become the horn and even simple decorations can get your point across.

5. Unicorn Cupcakes

unicorn cupcakes
The dreamy pastel buttercream on these cupcakes with the little horn – makes these almost too nice looking to eat.
Instructions Unicorn Cupcakes

6. Unicorn Favor Bag

unicorn favor bag
These super cute favor bags are so easy to make. Simply fill a clear bag with rainbow marshmallows and add little foam horns and ears.


7. Unicorn Favor Buckets

unicorn favor bucket
To make these, you can purchase mini pails and customize with foam horns and ears to make the unicorn.
Instructions Unicorn Party Bucket Favor

8. Unicorn Frame

unicorn photo booth frame

Cardboard can be connected and embelished with flowers and unicorn cutouts to give your party a great photo opportunity.
Instructions Unicorn Frame

9. Unicorn Painted Rock

Take any rock you find in the yard and transform it into a colorful work of art with just a few simple paints.  Find more ideas below.
Instructions Unicorn Painted Rock

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  1. Love the unicorn cones! Where can the cones themselves be purchased?

    • Hi Whitney, thanks for your comment! You can’t buy them but you can make them, if you look for plastic cone shaped containers and then decorate them. You could also buy treat bags and fill them with sweets. Hope that helps!

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