Easy DIY Wizard Birthday Party Ideas

If you are planning a magical themed bash then take some inspiration from these wizard themed party ideas. You can source a lot of props from the dollar store for many of these looks and I have provided a few free printable resources along the way to help you with your planning.

1. Hallway of Bounds sign

hall way off bounds sign

Stop party goers from going places they shouldn’t with this clever sign.

Get the free printable sign 

2. Brooms

witches brooms
Make some edible brooms for a wizard themed party with mini Reeses cups, orange frosting, and pretzel sticks.

3. Candy in a test tube

candy in a test tube
Purchase some plastic containers and fill with treats. On card stock you can add a wizardly label or any other sparkly item to help decorate.

4. Wizard Scavenger Hunt

wizard scavenger hunt
Add a fun and quick wizard themed scavenger hunt to the party that has your guests solve a series of clues to help the wizard find his stolen wand.

See more about the wizard scavenger hunt game

5. Wizard Crossing Sign

wizard crossing sign

A great sign to add to the party’s decor.  Get the free printable wizard crossing sign

6. Wizard Cake

wizard cake

With a few magical colors and coned top – most cakes can be simply styled for this theme

7. Wizard Wanted Sign

wizard wanted sign

A great photo opportunity.  Just cut out the center and use as a make-shift photo booth.

Get the free printable wanted wizard photo booth

8. Photo Props

wizard props

A few more props that can be used for the photo booth above or just as fun props for the party.  I have provided a few from above in a free printable wizard props file

9. Dragon Eggs

dragon eggs

A fun take on the theme, especially if you are partial to the odd deviled egg or two

Get the free dragon egg foldable sign printable

10. Wizard Favor Bags

wizard favor bags

A simple paper bag can easily be transformed with a paper decorations and marker.



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