Easy DIY Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

If you are planning a Hogwarts themed bash then take some inspiration from these Harry Potter Party Ideas. You can source a lot of props from the dollar store for many of these looks.

1. Quidditch Cake

A chocolate cake is easily turned into a cake fit for Hogwarts with three paper straws attached t three rings.

2. Brooms

Make some edible brooms brooms for a Harry Potter themed party with mini Reeses cups, orange frosting, and pretzel sticks.

3. Harry Potter Favors

Purchase some plastic containers and fill with treats. On card stock add a Harry Potter label and attach a mini broom which you can either make or purchase online.

4. Harry Potter House Banners

Make these awesome Harry Potter House Banners with table cloths from the Dollar Store and print out logos.

5. Harry Potter Ping Pong

6. Out of Bounds

Stop party goers from going places they shouldn’t with this clever sign.

7. Golden Snitches

Use chocolate candies such as Ferrero Rocher and paper wings to make a whole tray of golden snitches.

8. Sorting Hat Cupcakes

9. House Points

Use different colored bubble gum or m&ms and to create these “house points”.

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