Easy DIY Emoji Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Are you planning a fun-filled birthday party for your tween? Make it unforgettable by throwing an emoji-themed bash! With just a little creativity and some simple supplies, you can create a smiley-faced party in an instant. Here are some great ideas for decorations and games that your kids will love:

– Use Sharpies to customize yellow balloons with smiley faces
– Create an emoji photo booth with fun masks and props
– Make party-goers laugh with an emoji charades game
– Let the kids design their own emoji t-shirts
– Set up an emoji pinata, filled with candy and goodies

These fabulous emoji party ideas will make your tween’s next birthday a celebration to remember!

1. Emoji Backdrop

emoji back drop made from plastic plates
With some yellow plates from the dollar store you can draw emjoi faces and stick to the wall to create an awesome backdrop for photos.

2. Balloons

faces drawn onto party balloons
Get ready to celebrate with the ultimate emoji birthday party! With just a few simple details, you can create a fun and memorable event filled with yellow and black balloons that perfectly capture the playful spirit of emojis.

3. Emoji Punch Game

Take your emoji birthday party to the next level with this entertaining and effortless game! Get your guests excited by setting up a board with yellow cups and filling them with affordable goodies from the dollar store. Watch as the kids punch out a cup to reveal their prize, which they can store in a yellow solo cup covered with cheerful tissue paper and an adorable emoji sticker.

4. Smiley Cups

Transform yellow paper cups with red heart stickers and smiles drawn with sharpie markers to make these emoji cups.  You can also achieve the yellow effect with covering a plastic cup with yellow tissue paper

5. Emoji Centerpieces

You can use the balloon decoration ideas from above with a few pots of fake flowers to create a simple centerpiece for the table.

6. Photo Frame

emoji photo booth frame
No emoji party is complete without a must-have photo opportunity. Take it up a notch with a BIG frame made from posterboard that is sure to make waves. Strike a pose and share the fun with your party squad! All you need is foam board, glue and your favorite emoji images. Stick the emoji images onto the frame, or paint them on to make it really creative. You’ll have a unique frame that captures all the fun and emotions of your event – and memories that will last forever!

7. Emoji Cake Pops

emoji cake pops
These DIY Emoji Cake Pops are perfect for your themed party! It’s easy to turn regular cake pops into cute and emoji-inspired treats that will make everyone smile. To start, bake your favorite cake and break it into small pieces in a bowl. Then, mix in frosting until the mixture is like dough. Roll the dough into small balls and put a cake pop stick into each one. Dip the cake pops into yellow candy melts and let them dry on parchment paper. Once the candy melts harden, it’s time to get creative! Use different colored candy melts to make the famous emoji faces. You can make heart eyes, winky faces, and many more! You can also add fondant or candy pieces to add more details.

8. Emoji Cupcake

emoji cupcake

Kids will love these simple emoji cupcakes.  Simply use M & M’s for the eyes.

9. Emoji Party Bags

emoji favor bags
These goody bags are easy to make with plain yellow bags bought from your local craft store or online and faces drawn with sharpie markers.

10. Party Favors

emoji party favors
You can purchase emoji themed cups from the dollar store that can be used over and over. Fill it with goodies and your guests will love as they can each pick a different emoji cup.

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