DIY Unicorn Photo Booth Frame

DIY Unicorn Photo Booth Frame

Bring the magic to any event with your own DIY Unicorn Photo Booth Frame! Simple, affordable, and easy to make – you only need a few supplies to create it. To get started, you’ll need card stock, a glue gun, scissors, and any decorations of your choice – like sequins, glitter, or faux flowers. First, pick out patterned cardstock to create your frame and attach it to a foam board with the glue gun. Then add the decorations to give it the perfect finishing touch. Your finished unicorn photo booth frame will be sure to be the highlight of any birthday party, graduation celebration, or special event – plus, you’ll have a unique photo backdrop to make your pictures magical!

1. Pink and Blue Flowers

Whip up this awesome Unicorn Photo Booth Frame for your next party. You’ll need a Foam Board as well as Glitter Paper to make this magical frame. It’s simple and becomes an instant center piece for any party, as well as, being a great way to take pictures of the memorable occasion.It doesn’t take much effort to create an effective frame.  Remember not to over complicate the design.


DIY Unicorn Photo Booth Frame
You can get really creative by adding over-sized paper flowers. To make this frame you need foam boards – one big one and a smaller one to make the horn and ears.

2. Baby Shower Inspired

DIY Unicorn Photo Booth Frame
A DIY Unicorn Photo Booth Frame is also a wonderful idea for a baby shower.

3. Circular Design

unicorn photo booth

4. Classic Frameunicorn photo booth

5. Unicorn Coupleunicorn photo booth



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