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Dragon Themed Party Ideas

    dragon themed party ideas

    Dragon party ideas for a world where mythical creatures roam and magic is real! From thrilling Dragon Egg Hunts to creative dragon food, this article will guide you through a series of activities to bring the fire-breathing fun to your event.

    1. Dragon Claws

    dragon claws

    Works well with any corn snack!

    See the Printable Dragon Party Sign Printable Set

    2. Dragon Egg Hunt

    dragon egg hunt printable game

    Simply decorate plastic Easter eggs with mythical colors and hide them around the house for an egg hunt that you can host all year round.  Alternatively, you can try the printable version above that uses two different styled eggs for a competitive team style game.

    See the Printable Dragon Egg Hunt Game

    3. Dragon Gold

    dragon gold

    Any gold or shiny wrapped candy is perfect for this idea.

    See the Printable Dragon Party Sign Printable Set

    4. Dragon Party Ideas Weapon Pack

    cutlery weapon packs

    A green napkin and a bit of twine is all you need to transform a set of silverware into your knightly weapons.

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    5. Fire Bingo

    bingo dragon party idea

    Bingo is handy party game to add because everyone knows how to play and it is quick to setup.

    See the Printable Fire Bingo Game

    6. Dragon Scales

    dragon scales party idea

    Potato chips are a perfect pairing for a ‘dragon scales’ sign.

    See the Printable Dragon Party Sign Printable Set

    7. Guess How Many Party Game

    guess how many game

    Fill a container with candy (make sure you count how many) and use an empty tissue box to collect guesses.

    See the Printable Guess How Many Game

    8. Dragon Wings

    dragon wings party idea

    Wings of any flavor are perfectly paired with this sign.

    See the Printable Dragon Party Sign Printable Set

    9. Dragon’s Lair Sign

    dragon party idea sign

    With a bit of cardboard and paper you can make a quick themed sign to help direct your guests to the festivities.

    See the Printable Dragon Party Sign Printable Set

    10. Guess the Chocolate Game

    guess the chocolate game

    1. Buy five different types of chocolate bar
    2. Unwrap one at a time and melt slightly(microwave works best)
    3. Record the type of bar it is for your reference and place on a plate with a number tag
    4, Repeat four more times
    5. Give out the guessing cards and see who can guess the right chocolate bars

    See the Printable Guess the Chocolate Game

    The roar of dragons and the flicker of fire have transformed an ordinary gathering into a fantastical realm. So next time you’re planning an event, let the power of these majestic creatures guide you. Embrace the adventure, ignite the imagination, and watch as your party becomes an unforgettable journey into the world of dragons.

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