Crayon Party Ideas

Host a colorful party for your next event with these Crayon Party Ideas. It’s perfect for a baby shower, birthday or even st. Patrick’s Day since you can work with the colors of the rainbow. It’s also an excellent idea for back to school parties.

Make giant crayons from poster boards and offer plenty of colorful food in the form of fruit and candies. You can dip giant marshmallows in candy melts to create different shades.

crayon favor bag
You can make your own favor bags by customizing bags from a dollar store with layers of colorful tissue paper

colored place mats

Colored place mats offer the perfect vibrancy for a Rainbow Art Party.

crayon themed candy

Struggling for crayon party ideas?  Simply offer plenty of colorful food to really bring the theme together.

crayon utensil holders
Homemade utensil holders. The cans are from Great Value (Wal-Mart) beef stew as they are a bit wider than a regular soup can. Crayons are up&up brand (Target) and are held on with a few rubber bands so they can be used again. Ribbon is hot glued to rubber bands, bow is hot glued to ribbon.

crayon wreath

Use a wire wreath and a hot glue gun to place crayons along.  It works well if you cut and alter the wrappers on the crayons to give it a more worn look.

crayon hunt

Simply hide a box crayons around the house, set a timer, and let your hunters loose!

crayon centerpiece

By bunching a load of crayons into a green mug you can make a simple centerpiece for the table.

crayon inspired cake pops

Colorful cake pops are a wonderful addition to any party.

diy crayon box labels

Create your own tags and place them over the labels of the crayon box.


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