DIY Harry Potter Halloween Party Ideas

Plan a Harry Potter Halloween Party that would put the Hogwarts to shame. Choose from making Hedwig balloons or Snitch pins to enchant your guests on the night. Of course, you can host this style party for any event such as baby showers or birthdays for example.

1. Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs
These dragon eggs are perfect for favors or prizes for party games. You can use any chocolate eggs you like or gold foil wrapped treats and pop a sign on top.

2. Harry Potter Shower Snitch Pins

Harry Potter Shower Snitch Pins

3. Harry Potter Candy Buffet

Harry Potter Candy Buffet

4. Golden Snitches

Golden Snitches
Use Ferrero Rocher to make these stunning snitches.

5. Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wands
Sculpty clay, wooden dowels baked in an oven and some paint and a little magic.

6. Cornish Pixie Jar

Cornish Pixie Jar
instructions youtube

7. Sharpie Mug

Sharpie Mug
For a fun craft you can pick up white mugs for everyone to make their own Harry Potter themed mugs.

8. Harry Potter Party Decor

Harry Potter Party Decor

9. Hedwig Balloons

Hedwig Balloons
Draw Hedwig’s face onto white balloons with a sharpie marker.

10. Voldemort’s Snake

Voldemort's Snake
Made with Rice Krispie treat mixture – this snake looks scarier than he tastes.

11. Owl Fruit Tray

Owl Fruit Tray
For a healthy treat – make a fruit platter resembling Hedwig. Source: Pinterest

12. Harry Potter Quidditch Cornhole

Harry Potter Quidditch Cornhole
This is a fun game to play on the evening and will keep guests amused for hours.

13. Floating Candles

Floating Candles

14. House Colors Backdrop

House Colors Backdrop
Colored plastic tablecloths make a colorful and inexpensive addition to the main party room. Use painters tape to “gather” the tablecloths before hanging them. Make the signs with black poster board and house patches can be printed from your computer.

15. Hogwarts Jell-O Shots

Hogwarts Jell-O shots

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