DIY Fishbowl Snowman

DIY Fishbowl Snowman

Turn fish bowls into an adorable snowman to decorate your home for Christmas. The best part about this idea is that you can customize it exactly how you want for example you can add lights for an extra cozy look. You’ll need a Large Fish Bowl as well as a Medium and Small Fish Bowl and you will also want to add Figurines

Fishbowl Snowman

Create your own three tiered snowman story tale

Fishbowl Snowman Family

Or increase the complexity to create your own town

Fishbowl Snowman with Lights

Even the most simplistic of designs is effective

Fishbowl Snowman with Tartan Hat

Fishbowl Snowman

I love this near interpretation of a Russian doll with three snowmen within a snowman

Multiple Bowl Snowman

Snowman Snow Globe

Fishbowl Snowman with White Hat

Dollar Store Fishbowl Snowman

Printable Christmas Game

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