DIY Front Porch Halloween Decorations

With October on the horizon, the nights begin to get dark quickly and people begin decorating for fright night. There’s no need to neglect the outdoors with these Porch Halloween Decorations which will give every trick-or-treater a real spook. You can make porch signs with old wood or make topiaries using pumpkins. Another idea is to use glow sticks in skeletons to illuminate them and that will add brightness to your display in the evening. So check out these ideas to get your place looking haunted!

1. Pumpkin Lantern

pumpkin lantern
Filling outdoor lanterns with pumpkins and gourds will take your porch through fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving so they are a great investment for your decor.

2. Pumpkin Topiary

pumpkin topiary
This is a rather simple and elegant way to decorate for fall. Get three different sized pumpkins and paint them in typical Halloween colors such as orange and black and white.

3. Bat Wreath

bat wreath
Halloween Wreath Ideas are always a great way to decorate for the holidays, so try this bat themed one on your front door to create the wow factor.

4. BOO Halloween Sign

boo halloween wooden sign
You can re-purpose a wooden board to create this sign with orange and black paint.

5. Wicked Witch Sign

home of wicked witch chalk sign
A chalkboard sign with a witch’s broom will help to set the spooky tone for your decor.

6. Pumpkin Mail Box

pumpkin mailbox
Show the mail man some spook by decorating your mail box with little pumpkin stickers that can be purchased at your local dollar store.

7. Monster Tree

bush monster
Bring your tree to life with this clever idea which will keep the evil ghouls away.

8. Vampire Themed

vampire themed

9. Fire Themed Porch Halloween Decorations

fire themed


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