DIY Halloween Wreaths for Front Door

Once the longer nights begin to approach, we know that fright night must be drawing near. This is a time of immense fun especially for people that love to dress up and go to parties for a spooktacular time. Welcome the Trick-or-Treaters to your home with a stunning Halloween Wreath. Whether you want to go all out spooky with creepy bats and cats or just fanciful with shiny ornate pumpkins – there are plenty of ideas here for you to choose from.

DIY Halloween Wreaths for Front Door

1. Hocus Pocus Wreath

Hocus Pocus Wreath
Channel witchy vibes with this black vine wreath featuring a broom and shiny orange spiders. The ornate ribbons really add a touch of glam that you will be proud to display on your front door.

2. Jack Skellington Wreath

Jack Skellington Wreath
Make this monochrome wreath by painting clothes pins black and white and pinning them in a ring shape. Print out a Jack Skellington face for the center and add fancy polka dot bows to the bottom. This will look great anywhere in your home.
instructions Jack Skellington Wreath

3. Lighted Halloween Wreath

Lighted Halloween Wreath
Add a twist with the addition of lights to your wreath. You can use firefly lights to add the spooky glow to this rather macabre looking wreath.

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4. Cat & Bats Halloween Wreath

Cat & Bats Halloween Wreath
Synonymous with the spirit of the night – cats and bats will awaken your inner witching powers. Take a white vine wreath and attach purple firefly lights to the back of it. Then you can add spooky bats and a cat.

5. Lighted Witch Cauldron Wreath

Lighted Witch Cauldron Wreath
A mini cauldron tucked into a wreath adorned with pretty lights really makes this a feature piece for your door.

6. Spider Web

Spider Web
This is such a different idea for a Halloween themed wreath complete with a spider web in the center!
instructions Spider Web Wreath

7. Cauldron Baubles

Cauldron Baubles
Double double, toil and trouble, add baubles to make that cauldron bubble. Purchase a plastic cauldron and cut it in half then glued Halloween colored baubles inside and around it. Add a sign saying “Spooky” and hang on your door.
instructions Cauldron Halloween Wreath

8. Black Feathers

Black Feathers
Honor Halloween’s most classic color combination – black and orange with a Gothic flair : by lavishing a wreath form with black feathers and adding wonderfully glittery orange pumpkins to the mix.

9. Glitzy Halloween Wreath

Glitzy Halloween Wreath
Adorn a wreath form with shiny orange pumpkins and a spectacular tiger ribbon which adds a surprising twist to the decoration.

10. Mesh Wreath

Mesh Wreath
Bewitch revelers with this enchanting wreath featuring a glittering witch’s hat and purple, orange and green ribbon.
Source Mesh Wreath

11. Skeleton Wreath

Skeleton Wreath
To really harness the spirit of Halloween – it’s imperative to add skeletons to your decor. This skeleton even comes complete with a top hat!

12. Gothic Wreath

Gothic Wreath
Simple fabric flowers are added to a vine wreath to transform it into a spooky door decoration. The addition of cobweb and a mini skeleton really set the Gothic theme.

13. Lighted Jack-o Lantern Pumpkin Wreath

Lighted Jack-o Lantern Pumpkin Wreath
Adding orange firefly lights to a vine wreath are an effective way to recreate a Jack o Lantern idea.

14. Pennywise Halloween Door Wreath

Pennywise Halloween Door Wreath
Since the remake of the movie It – this clown is creeping everyone out again! To make this wreath, you’ll need white, red and purple mesh and also a printed face of Pennywise, the clown.
instructions Jack Skellington Wreath

15. Cat Wreath

Cat Wreath
To make this creepy cat wreath – you’ll need black mesh, black felt for the ears as well as googly eyes and orange pipe cleaners for the whiskers. Finish with a cute orange and black polka dot bow.
instructions Cat Wreath

16. Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

Nightmare Before Christmas wreath

17. Jack Skellington

Halloween Wreaths for Front Door

Halloween Wreaths for Front Door

Halloween Wreaths for Front Door
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  1. These ideas are so creative! The IT wreath does creep me out a little too much. I wouldn’t be able to have that in my house, my kids would be terrified!

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