Easy DIY Easter Wreaths for Front Door

When spring has sprung it’s time to turn our heads towards new life and decorating our home to reflect that. Bring the joy of the season to your front door by making a lovely decoration to transform it. You can think of pastel colors which are typical for the season or you could go with bright orange to make a decor mesh carrot wreath with a bunny on top. Perhaps you have a whole scheme in mind and want to carry it from the outdoors right to your sitting room. Such a plan requires some thought, but is easily achievable with some creativity and imagination.

Check out these DIY Easter Wreaths which will transform a dull space into one of joy and color. The supplies can be purchased at your local dollar store so you can have something really unique for your front door at a fraction of the cost you would pay to buy one from a regular store.

10 DIY Easter Wreaths

1. Plastic Eggs

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
Easter egg wreaths are always popular because they are super affordable and colorful and help bring all the joy of the season to your home. Make your own cardboard ring and glue on many plastic eggs with Easter grass to recreate this idea.

2. Fuzzy Yarn Bunny Wreath

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
This fluffy white bunny wreath is sure to brighten anyone’s day and you can purchase the form from the Dollar Store.


  • Tinsel Bunny form from DT
  • Clip on bunny tail from DT
  • Pretty Bow
  • Chunky yarn (size 6 extra chunky)


Remove the tinsel from the bunny form. Once all the tinsel is removed, snip some yarn to work with. Place a blob of hot glue where you start to attach the yarn. Wrap the yarn all the way around until you you have a completed the body. Repeat the process with the head and ears of the bunny. Once you are finished this you can glue the bow on around the neck. Finish by hot gluing the tail on.

3. Burlap Bunny

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
For a vintage twist, make this no-sew burlap bunny for your front door. It’s a charming twist on the classic wreath that will surely wow your guests. To make it, simply create a large bunny template and cut out two pieces of burlap. Then, use hot glue to seal the edges together and stuff with batting for a fluffy texture. Finish it off with an adorable plush tail and a festive burlap bow. Voila! Your DIY Easter wreath is complete. Easy, cute, and perfect for your holiday festivities.

4. Grapevine Bunny Wreath

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
You’ll need two different sized grapevine wreaths as well as other Easter themed supplies to make this adorable bunny rabbit.


  • 8″ and a 12″ wreath
  • floral wire
  • 2 x 6″ wreaths to make the ears
  • Pretty Bow


To start, use floral wire to secure your small wreath onto the big one. Next take the 6 inch wreaths and squeeze them to from the ear shapes. Then, add the ears to the top and sides of the small wreath by wrapping the wire around the grapevine. Finally, put a ribbon around the neck.

5. Burlap

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
A burlap wreath is adorned with decorations such as eggs to make this beautiful creation.


  • burlap ribbon
  • a wreath frame
  • wire


First, fold the burlap ribbon in quarters and attach it to the wire frame. Keep doing this for the rest of the frame. Then, twist the burlap and hold it tightly. Next, push the burlap through the first ring, then repeat for the second and third rings. Keep twisting and looping until you reach the end. Cut off any extra burlap, then fold and secure it to the frame. Now your wreath is done! You can decorate it with flowers or anything you like.

6. Jute

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
Purchase some Jute Twine to wrap around a wreath to begin making this project.


  • Fabric Scraps
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Hot Glue
  • Jute
  • Wreath Form


Cover the wreath with jute rope.Cut two bunny shapes out of gray felt and stick them together. Make pom poms out of yarn or buy them.
Glue the bunny to the left side of the wreath. Place the pom poms around the bunny and stick them to the wreath. Cut fabric scraps into small flags and glue them to a string.Tie a bow at each end of the string. Glue the string with the flags to the top right of the wreath to complete it.

7. Cute Rabbit

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
Supplies needed to make this include a 10 inch pencil wreath as well an Easter Bunny Head decoration. Use a technique called ruffling to make your wreath full. To start, you need a pencil, mesh, and ribbons. First, cut some strips of mesh and make them into ruffles. Bunch three ruffles together, and open up a twist on the wreath to attach. Next, add some ribbon curls to the wreath. Finally, attach the bunny head to the wreath using a zip tie. You can make this wreath at home by getting a kit with all the materials you need. You can also use the leftover ribbons to make more wreaths. This is a simple and fun project that even kids will enjoy.

8. Deco Mesh Carrot

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
Surprise visitors with a with bright orange decor mesh carrot wreath with a bunny on top. The wreath is made using a triangular wreath stand. Start by shaping the stand into a carrot shape, but don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Next, grab two rolls of deco mesh ribbon, preferably orange or brown. Cut 25 pipe cleaners in half and use them to create a grid on the wreath. This will help hold the ribbon in place. Then, using a 4-inch wide mesh ribbon, make loops and attach them to the pipe cleaners with a twist. Keep adding loops until the wreath is full and fluffy. You can add more pipe cleaners for a fuller look. Finish by adding a topper made from the same ribbon and securing it with a chenille stem or pipe cleaner. Trim any excess ribbon and fluff the wreath as desired. Don’t worry if the top looks a little bare, you can fill it in later with more ribbon or some greenery. Get creative and have fun making your own unique carrot wreath!

9. Dollar Store Bunny Wreath

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
Looking to add a touch of farmhouse style to your Easter decor? Look no further than this easy DIY burlap wreath, using affordable supplies from Dollar Tree. All you need are a few simple items:

– Styrofoam wreath ring
– Wide burlap ribbon
– Wooden rabbit sign
– Wreath bow

Here’s how to bring this charming wreath to life:

1. Begin by wrapping the wide burlap ribbon around the Styrofoam ring, securing it with hot glue.
2. Add a focal point to your wreath by attaching the wooden rabbit sign in the center.
3. For a pop of Easter cheer, glue happy Easter carrots along the bottom of the wreath.
4. Finish off your wreath by adding the wreath bow to the top.

10. White with Feathers

10 DIY Easter Wreaths
Welcome Spring to your doorstep with a stunning Easter wreath featuring a clean, white design and delicate touches of feathers and eggs, symbolizing the rebirth and growth of the season.

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