DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids

This Valentine’s Day, make something special for the kids in your life! DIY Valentine’s Day Party Favors are a budget-friendly, easy way to show how much you care. From the dollar store, pick up fun items like pink candies and heart stickers. Get creative with unique gifts that the kids will love. Not just for the kids, some of these gifts are perfect for adults too. With these ideas, your love and appreciation will be felt by all!

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids

1. Lucky Duck Valentine

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
An adorable duck for their bath will really set their heart afloat.First, print out the gift tags and if your child is able to , allow them to help by using scissors. Finally, attach a plastic duck to each Valentine card with ribbon or tape. Voila, you’ve got some super cute Valentines for your friends!See a printable Lucky Duck tag here.

2. Butterfly Baggies

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Transform your child’s Valentine’s Day with these adorable Clothespin Candy Butterflies! All you need is a few supplies–candy bags, paint, clothespins, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and glue–to create these little sweethearts.


  • Start by painting the clothespin and let it dry.
  • Glue two googly eyes at the top of the clothespin.
  • Divide the bag of candy equally and secure it with a pipe cleaner in the center.
  • Attach the clothespin to the center of the candy bag.
  • Twist and trim the ends of the pipe cleaner to form the antennae.

Your little Valentine will be delighted when they see these precious Clothespin Candy Butterflies!

3. Candy Car

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Melt your kids’ hearts this Valentine’s Day with a fun, candy car!


    • Mini Rice Krispie Treats
    • rolos for wheels
    • Hershey miniatures


      • Using the Mini Rice Krispie Treat as the base, use double sided tape to add the rolos for the wheels
      • Use double sided tape to attach the Hershey miniature on top
      • add a sweet message like “Valentine you make my heart race” to finish it off.

4. Fruit by the Foot

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Fruit by the Foot Valentine’s are the perfect way to add a special touch to your kid’s Valentine’s Day gifts. Go beyond the basics and personalize the tags with a fun message like, “Our friendship grows by the foot!” Your little ones will love the creative, unique flair this special touch adds.

5. Hug and Kisses

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Put a fun spin on Valentine’s Day with these easy-to-make “Hug & Kisses” favor bags! All you need is Kool-Aid Bursts and Hershey’s Kisses to create this thoughtful gift that your kids and their friends will love. Make it even more special by adding a personal message or drawing for each bag. See a printable Hugs & Kisses from me tag here.

6. Robot Juice Boxes

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Kids can make their own cool robot Valentine’s Day favors with a little help from an adult. All you need is one juice box, Smarties, Starburst, googly eyes, Nerds Candy, and some chocolate hearts. Start with the feet and glue the juice box to two Starburst. Then add Smarties for the arms, a Nerds Candy box for the head, and glue googly eyes and a chocolate heart for the finishing touches. They make great decorations at birthday parties too!

7. Fishing You

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Skip the candy this Valentine’s Day and turn Goldfish snacks into a cute Valentines pun instead! You’ll need some goldfish snacks, straws, string, and a hot glue gun. Print out the tags, put a hole in them for the string and thread it through the hole, tying a knot. Wrap the other end of the string to the straw and tie. Now your goldfish snack bags are ready to send with their special message, “Fishing You a Happy Valentine’s Day” printable tag!

8. Kool Kid

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Make their Valentine’s Day extra Kool with this special gift set! Purchase a water bottle, Kool-Aid packet, and cool straw for the perfect Kool Valentine’s Day treat!

9. Glow Sticks

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
These Valentine’s Day favors will make their heart glow! Purchase a multi-pack of glow sticks to keep rices down. They’re guaranteed to be a hit with kids on this special day!

10. Knot the Same

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Let your child express friendship in style! With these versatile friendship bracelets, they can switch up colors to match the personalities of each of their classmates. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, add a tag that says “our class would knot have been the Same without you!”. See a printable version here

11. Dig You

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Gift your kids and their friends a personalized and meaningful Valentine’s Day treat with these shovel favors! Simply purchase plastic shovels, candy, and treat bags and your kids will have a blast creating their own special favors. Take it one step further by writing, “I dig you!” on the shovels or attaching a printable tag for a unique and fun gift that everyone will love.

12. Bear Hugs

10+ DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sweet treat for friends and classmates! Make your own Bear Hug goodie bags with this cute printable. All you need are treat bags, Teddy Grahams, Gummy Bears, and the printable – simple and quick! These Bear Hugs are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Enjoy spreading the love with Bear Hug printable!

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