DIY Valentines Party Favors for Kids

Whoever you are looking to give a little present to show your appreciation on February 14th, there are many ideas out there. These DIY Valentine’s Day Party Favors for Kids are not only super cute, but budget friendly and easy to make too ! They make great trinkets for parties and also classroom Valentine’s Gifts too.

Valentines can be an amazing time for craft so you can get really creative with your little gifts.  I have collected here a few unique ideas to try next Valentines day for your little ones.  Also, some are quite good for adults too 🙂

1. Rubber Ducks

Rubber Ducks
An adorable duck for their bath will really set their heart afloat.

2. Butterfly Valentine Snack

Butterfly Valentine Snack
Just a bag and a red pipe cleaner is all you need for this cute treat.  You can use any type of treat really in any color – I just thought red was the best here.

3. Candy Car

Candy Car

Fast and simple – if you would like for these to stick together properly i would recommend two-side tape

4. Fruit by the Foot

Fruit by the Foot
2x4inch strips of white card stock with the saying “Nothing measures up to YOU! Cut them out and have fun adding a personal touch with stickers. Then fold each strip in half and staple it to a Fruit by the Foot.

5. Hug and Kisses

Hug and Kisses

6. Robot Juice Boxes

Robot Juice Boxes
It’s really the googly eyes that really make this stand out for me

7. Fishing You

Fishing You
Turn Goldfish snacks into a cute Valentines pun!

8. Kool Kid

Kool Kid

9. Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks

10. Knot the Same

Knot the Same

11. Dig You

Dig You

These make a great little gift for parties. You could change the color of the bucket and the types of candy in the shovels to suit the occasion too.

12. Gumball Valentines

Kids Valentines #valentine #kidsvalentines #gumball #valentinesideas

13. Lucky Duck

Toddler Valentine's gift idea
What a great Toddler Valentine’s gift idea!

14. Lucky Duck

These were made as Valentine gifts for a class in the infant room at daycare.

15. Preschool Valentines

preschool valentines

16. Valentines for preschoolers

Valentines for preschoolers
A fish bowl that says “I am glad we are in the same school” with a baggie of goldfish or whale crackers attached.

17. Preschool Valentines

Preschool Valentines

18. School Valentine with glow bracelets

School Valentine with glow bracelets

19. Boogie Wipe

Valentines for infant or toddler daycare party - Boogie Wipe
Boogie Wipe Valentines are great for an infant or toddler daycare party.

20. Preschool Valentines

Preschool Valentines

21. Wild About You

Wild About You

22. Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs
Give them Bear hugs using Teddy Grahams.

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