DIY Teal Christmas Decor Ideas for the Home

Experience Christmas by the Sea by with these DIY Teal Christmas Decor Ideas. Take inspiration from the beautiful plumage of the peacock and the sparkle from a winter wonderland to make your home shine like the magnificent waves of the ocean. Perhaps this is the reason it is such a popular choice for decorations as people choose to make a gentle shift from the traditional colors of red and green.

1. Handmade Christmas Bulb Wreath

Handmade Christmas Bulb Wreath
Collect teal baubles to make this stunning wreath.

2. Teal Christmas Tree

Teal Christmas Tree
A great way to make an impact with your tree is to decorate it in just one or two colors.

3. Teal Ornaments

Teal Ornaments
For a touch of class – incorporate enchanting teal colored ornaments into your festive decor. You could stick to just teal or add a combination such as lime green and turquoise which will work fabulously with the stunning pine green of your tree. Simply add fairy lights and watch the magic!

4. Peacock Christmas Ornament

Peacock Christmas Ornament
Peacock ornaments are beautiful and you can work these into any aspect of your festive decorating , from centerpieces to wreaths for example.

5. Peacock Christmas Ideas

Peacock Christmas Ideas

6. Teal and Red Christmas Decor

Teal and Red Christmas Decor
It’s easy to incorporate a candy cane stripe with teal as the colors go beautifully together and could be used anywhere from the bathroom to your living room.

7. Glass Block Decoration

Glass Block Decoration
Make this glass block decoration for your home or even a gift. You can choose the saying you want as well as the color.

8. Branches with Ornaments

Branches with Ornaments
For a delicate display – spray paint a large branch silver and add ornaments such as snowflakes and baubles. This idea is also perfect for a non traditional Christmas tree.

9. Hanging Baubles

Hanging Baubles
This is such a simple yet effective way to decorate your home. Simply hand teal colored ornaments of different sizes and shapes from different lengths of ribbon to your ceiling. It truly will transform your space into a magical winter wonderland.

10. Winter Wonderland Centerpieces

Winter Wonderland Centerpieces
These would also make lovely centerpieces at a Frozen birthday party or even a winter wedding.

11. Teal Christmas Decor Ideas

Teal Christmas Decor Ideas
This collage displays the many ways you can work teal into your festive decor.

12. Teal Candle Holder

Teal Candle Holder
Add this delightful candle display to your table to light up the room. Simply place silver and teal baubles of different sizes into a glass bowl and add a pillar candle. You can adorn it with a mesh bow to finish off.

13. Peacock Decorated Chandelier

Peacock Decorated Chandelier
To recreate this purchase some ribbon, green plastic vine, ornaments and peacocks.

14. Bottle Brush Christmas Box Idea

Bottle Brush Christmas Box Idea
Make this beautiful vintage box idea as a centerpiece or thoughtful gift for loved ones.

15. Christmas Frame Wreath

Christmas Frame Wreath
This cute & easy wreath is made with a frame and ornaments. You can use different color baubles for example red, turquoise, and silver ornaments to tie into already existing decor depending on what color scheme you have chosen.

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