Dollar Store Fathers Day Gifts

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to show Dad how much you care – with these Dollar Store Fathers Day Gifts. Make him a basket choc full of his favorite goodies. You could make him a basket full of items for his BBQ or why not make him a hamper full of candies and snacks. Whatever you choose, he is sure to love since you’ve put it together especially for him. You could also use these ideas for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day gifts too. Above all, Dad wants to spend quality time with you on the day and that is surely the best present he could get.

Grill Set

grill gift basket
Dollar Tree grill set basket for Father’s Day!

Grandpa’s Stache

grandpas stache
Father’s Day gift for the grandfathers. Canisters are filled with layers of their favorite candies. Fake, sticky mustaches purchased at the dollar store and tape the paper onto the canister!

Grilling Gift

oven mitt gift
Sunday School Kids made these very easy Father’s Day grilling gift. Everything came from the Dollar Store.

Movie Night Munchies

movie night munchies gift
Fathers Day Movie Night Munchies gift basket: 2 popcorn cups from dollar store, microwave popcorn, nibs, toblerone, maltesers, mandms, mini snickers or mars bar. Just hit up the dollar store!

Spatula Gift

spatula gift
As a result of going to the dollar store – it should be noted that you can make plenty of Simple Father’s Day gifts. For example a BBQ burger flipper with a tag that reads “DAD, you are “flipping” awesome! $3 flipper at the dollar store.


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