How to Make an Easter Veggie Tray

Make a colorful Easter Veggie Tray for your family to nibble on for appetizers or a healthy snack in between meals. It makes for a healthier alternative to chocolate and looks so adorable too. It’s such a cute way to serve healthy Veggies to the kiddos! In addition, the colorful Veggie platter will make a wonderful centerpiece for your table on the day.

Choose from vegetables including, carrots, cauliflower, beetroot, celery, tomatoes and anything else you enjoy. You could also make some bread and dips for the center if you so choose and it makes a great hostess gift to bring along to a party.

8 DIY Spring and Easter Veggie Tray Ideas

1. Easter Bunny Veggie Tray

8 DIY Spring and Easter Veggie Tray Ideas
Are you looking for a fun and healthy way to decorate your Easter table? The Easter Bunny Veggie Tray is a perfect choice! It’s made from delicious and crunchy vegetables like carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and red peppers.Make the bunny from bread and use his belly to place dip into. Not only is this veggie tray cute, but it also makes a tasty snack for your guests.

2. Garden Patch Veggie Tray

8 DIY Spring and Easter Veggie Tray Ideas
Add a fun touch to your Easter table with the Garden Patch Veggie Tray. It’s like having a garden on your table! This creative vegetable arrangement has colorful veggies that everyone will love. You can pick your favorites to make it even more special.
Use your imagination to arrange the veggies in rows or in a cool design. The Garden Patch Veggie Tray is a flexible option that lets you show off your style. Your guests will be amazed by the beauty and tasty flavors of this unique centerpiece.

3. Carrot Shaped Veggie Tray

8 DIY Spring and Easter Veggie Tray Ideas
The Easter bunny will love this veggie tray displayed like a carrot. Baby carrots for the shape for this adorable idea. You can use a veggie tray from the produce section of the grocery store and just add a little extra celery for the perfect amount of veggies to fill the dish!

4. Cross Shaped

8 DIY Spring and Easter Veggie Tray Ideas
Arrange baby carrots into a cross shape on a platter and place the other vegetables you want around this.
The cross shape allows you to easily separate the other vegetables on the platter.This Easter Crudite Platter would also be perfect Christmas, First Communion, Baptism or Confirmation.

5. Cauliflower Bunny

8 DIY Spring and Easter Veggie Tray Ideas
This is so cute and easy to do and the red pepper with carrot bow is almost too adorable to eat! If your taking it to a gathering, bring a bag of extras along to the party so it’s easier to top up after people start nibbling.

6. Carrot Bunny

8 DIY Spring and Easter Veggie Tray Ideas
This is so easy to throw together by putting baby carrots together in the shape of a bunny. It will make your Easter lunch table cute and healthy!

7. Rainbow Veggie Tray

8 DIY Spring and Easter Veggie Tray Ideas
The Rainbow Veggie Tray is a colorful and yummy addition to your Easter meal. It’s easy to make and looks like a rainbow on your table! You can choose different colored vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, and radishes. You can also use food coloring to dye vegetables like cauliflower. Cut them into small pieces and put them on a big plate in a rainbow pattern. You can also add a tasty dip in the middle. Your guests will love the pretty colors and delicious veggies.

8. Spring Flower Veggie Tray

8 DIY Spring and Easter Veggie Tray Ideas
This pretty and elegant platter will add a touch of spring to your Easter meal.Your guests will be wowed when they see this beautiful tray of veggies arranged in the shape of a flower.To make your Spring Flower Veggie Tray, arrange cauliflower florets as the flower. In the middle, put a bunch of cherry tomatoes to be the focus of your flower. These juicy red bites will add more freshness and color.Take celery sticks to make the stem of the flower and slices of radish to make leaves. They’ll give a nice crunch and coolness to your platter. Finally, finish with a layer of baby carrots and broccoli.

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