DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

DIY Christmas Ornaments are a great activity for the festive season. Start a family tradition by crafting your own ornaments which will be much more special than the ones you can buy in stores – and they also make great presents for family too.

1. Personalized Ornaments

Personalized Ornaments
Help them to make these adorable ornaments featuring themselves! You’ll need clear ornaments as well as some other supplies. Take their pictures then glue clear glitter to the bottom of the ornament and glue the cut out child in. Now pour in more loose glitter in before closing.

2. Scrabble Ornaments

Scrabble Ornaments
These are so fun and easy to make. Cut out a piece of card to fit the letters you will be using and glue the letters to this. Then add ribbon for hanging.

3. Toy Story Ornament

Toy Story Ornament
Since the last Toy Story movie has been made – it’s time to immortalize it for your tree. Begin by painting a bauble yellow, then add a red star and blue ribbon.
Instructions Toy Story Ball Ornament

Christmas Game

4. Winnie the Pooh & Donald Duck

Winnie the Pooh & Donald Duck
Paint baubles using acrylic paint to resemble your favorite cartoon character.

5. Mickey Mouse Tree Topper

Mickey Mouse Tree Topper
Disney fans rejoice and replace the star on your tree with this awesome idea. Paint a large Styrofoam ball black and then smother it with glitter. Repeat with smaller balls for the ears.You could also make even smaller versions for the rest of the tree for a truly Disney Christmas.

5. Mickey Ornament

Mickey Ornament
Glue sequins to a bauble then repeat with smaller balls for the ears – this a lovely gift for Disney fan.

6. Felt Bell

Felt Bell
Make a cute bell from felt – you could also add a jingle bell to make it ring.

7. Felt Festive Friends

Felt Festive Friends
Felt is such a versatile material and it’s great for festive crafting.

8. Beaded Snowflake

Beaded Snowflake

9. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty
Make these kitty ornaments by filling a clear bauble with white scraps of paper and then use a Sharpie marker to add the details of the face.

10. Eeyore Pooh & Tigger

Eeyore Pooh & Tigger
Pooh fans will adore making these ornaments.

11. Snowflake Bauble

Snowflake Bauble
This is a great craft for little ones. Have your toddler or preschooler stuff in snowflakes cut from holiday craft paper with a snowflake paper punch. It’s great for fine motor skills.

12. Melted Snowman Ornament

Melted Snowman Ornament
This one is so cute. Add fake snow into a clear bauble. Make a little scarf from red felt and add sticks, hat, nose, and eyes.

13. Thumbprint Deer Ornaments

Thumbprint Deer Ornaments

14. Snowman Baubles

Snowman Baubles

15. Fingerprint Wreath Ornaments

Fingerprint Wreath Ornaments

16. Snowman Footprint Ornament

 Snowman Footprint Ornament
Made with salt dough , this Snowman Footprint Ornament is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

17. Ginger Bread Ball

ginger bread ball

DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

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