Easy Christmas Make Up for Brown Eyes

Over the festive season you will be visiting friends and family and probably going to a lot of parties – so why not impress and go all out with your Christmas Make Up. So get your makeup bag ready with eye shadows in reds and greens and get ready to shine.

1. Candy Cane Eyeliner

Candy Cane Eyeliner
Could anything be more reminiscent of the festive season than candy canes? Begin with a fine tip black eyeliner to draw the shape. Then use white and red shadows to fill it in.

2. Christmas Bauble

Christmas Bauble
This look is easy to recreate with the use of face paints. Simply use a fine tipped brush to draw the outline and then use the face paints to color the bauble in.
source instagram

3. Christmas Make Up

Christmas Make Up

4. Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights
Use a shiny red eyeliner and green powder underneth the eye to really highlight the Christmas lights.

5. Christmas Tree Lids

Christmas Tree Lids
source instagram

6. Creative Eye Shadow Looks

7. Cute Bells

 Cute Bells

8. Festive Green

Festive Green
Wear this rich green shade with glitter to make sure the tree isn’t the only thing that shines.

9. Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House
source instagram

10. Glitter Cut Crease

Glitter Cut Crease
Sharpen your palette with this glitter cut crease.
source instagram

11. Gold Glitter

Gold Glitter

12. Golden Ray

Golden Ray
This look screams holiday season. Build up a burgundy layer on the lid and place gold glitter in the center. Finish with a green shade underneath the eye and a coat of your favorite mascara.

13. Jolly Holly

Jolly Holly

14. Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus
source instagram

15. Penguin Eyes

Penguin Eyes
source instagram

16. Rose Gold

Rose Gold

17. Santa Claus

Santa Claus
source instagram

18. Santa Hat

Santa Hat
Make an adorable Santa hat on your brows to get your face festive ready.

19. Santas Little Helper

Santas Little Helper
source instagram

20. Frozen

This would be great for a holiday party.

21. Snowflake Makeup

Snowflake Makeup

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