Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Grandma

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to honor those special women in our lives. Whether you have an aunt, a sister or grandmother that is very special to you, then you can show them how much they mean to you by crafting them a lovely gift.

Make grandma feel special on Mother’s Day with these handmade gift ideas from kids to make for moms and grandmas. You can choose from hand print keepsakes, poems, cards and even photo flowers. So check out these ideas which you are sure to love.

5 Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Grandma

1. Toddler Handprint Potholders

5 Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Grandma
Create a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift with your kid’s handprint! Start with a budget-friendly oven mitt and potholder from Dollar Tree and let your little ones unleash their creativity. Simply use fabric paint and a paint brush to spread and make the handprint more visible. After drying overnight, heat set it for a lasting gift that mom will cherish.This also makes a great Christmas gift. Use fabric paint and a paint brush to spread and make the handprint more visible.

2. Thumbprints Pot

5 Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Grandma
Flower pot made for Grandma for Mother’s Day using thumbprints to make flowers. Use terra cotta paint, make flowers out of kids’ fingerprints. Write “These pretty flowers that you see were made for you by me”. Then spray with terra cotta spray to make it waterproof and protect the paint.

3. Footprint Stepping Stone

5 Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Grandma
Are you looking for a heartfelt and memorable Mother’s Day gift? Look no further! Create your very own personalized stepping stones using your child’s footprints and a little bit of creativity. Not only will these DIY stepping stones make a thoughtful present, but they will also add a special touch to any garden. Your child will be “your sunshine” as you create these adorable and unique keepsakes together. The grandmas will be overjoyed with their new additions to their flower gardens.

4. Picture Frame Vase

5 Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Grandma
Bring spring into Grnadma’s home with this adorable Picture Frame Vase. You will need a jar, paint, paper, scissors, and spray paint. First, cut a shape out of the paper and stick it onto the jar. Then, cover the jar with primer. When it’s dry, paint the jar with pretty colors. Peel off the paper before it dries. Let it dry for a few hours. If you want it to look shiny, spray it with clear paint. Put a plastic cup inside to hold a photo. You can change the photo easily by using tape. Your mom will love this gift you made!

5. Photo Blocks

5 Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Grandma
Photos are a great gift, but you can get even more creative by making personalized photo gifts.


  • 2-by-4-by-4-inch wooden blocks (or whatever size you prefer)
  • spray paint,
  • sandpaper
  • your photos
  • some glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Faux flowers


For the photos, to create the 3-D effect, have your child put their hand up as if holding something. Then make this your focal point of the picture. For the blocks, spray paint the blocks in thin coats, letting them dry in between. Tear your photos into squares and use glue to stick them onto the blocks. Let it dry, add a layer of glue on top, and after two hours, you can then glue your faux flower to make it look like the child is holding it.

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