Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Grandma

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to honor those special women in our lives. Whether you have an aunt, a sister or grandmother that is very special to you, then you can show them how much they mean to you by crafting them a lovely gift.

Make grandma feel special on Mother’s Day with these handmade gift ideas from kids to make for moms and grandmas. You can choose from hand print keepsakes, poems, cards and even photo flowers. So check out these ideas which you are sure to love.

1. Toddler Handprint Potholders

Toddler handprint potholders
This also makes a great Christmas gift. Use fabric paint and a paint brush to spread and make the handprint more visible.

2. Thumbprints Pot

Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Grandma
Flower pot made for Grandma for Mother’s Day using thumbprints to make flowers.
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3. Footprint Stepping Stones

Footprint Stepping Stones
Remind grandma of her sweet grandchildren while she’s in the garden with these footprint stepping stones.

4. Footprint Flowers

Footprint flowers
Bring spring into grammie’s home with thses adorable footprint flowers. Paint your child’s feet in whatever color you want your “flower” to be and print onto paper. Then add green stems with paint. Repeat until you have the design you like.

5. Toe-tally Love You

Toe-tally Love You
Print just the top half of your little one’s feet in different and bright colors to make this fun pun art.

6. Helping Hands Oven Mitts

Helping Hands Oven Mitts
Print your children’s handprints onto oven mitts to make these adorable helping hands.

7. Mama’s Honey Bee

Mama's Honey Bee
Make grammy an adorable plate to put her treats on. It’s fantastic fun for little fingers and it will help to keep them amused too. You can use Sharpies on a dollar store plate or paint and they would also make a great present for other family members too. They are sure to be treasured for eternity and they will also be nice to look back on once kids are grown up. The bee is painted around the Hand print and the flowers from finger prints.

8. Grandma’s Flowers

Grandma's Flowers
Make a special bouquet for grandma featuring her own grandchildren!

9. Paper Bouquet

Paper Bouquet

10. Handprint Flowers

Handprint Flowers

11. Handprint Bouquet of flowers

Handprint Bouquet of flowers
If you are looking for a more durable and personalized alternative to natural flowers, then this bouquet of handprints will really work.

12. Mother’s Day Photo Gift

Mother's Day Photo Gift
But a lovely frame and print out a little poem to put baby’s footprint on then make a flower to put a photo in the center.
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13. Mothers Day Canvas

Mothers Day Canvas
Handprints with fingerprints shaped like hearts inside. Goes along with the saying.. Mothers hold their child’s hands for a moment but their hearts for a lifetime.

14. Button Fridge Magnet

Button Fridge Magnet
source pinterest

15. Daughter Art

Daughter Art

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