Halloween Pumpkin Diorama Ideas for Kids

If you love the idea of mini worlds and snow globes – then these Pumpkin Diorama Ideas will drive you wild. It’s a great decoration to add to your home for Fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween. You can switch the decorations out as needs be for example maybe you just want a mini sunflower garden for fall or Thanksgiving. They would also make adorable centerpieces for a Halloween themed wedding. Get the kids involved as it’s a great craft to help encourage their creativity too. You’ll need an open faced foam pumpkin, decorative moss and Halloween figurines to make this craft. The best thing is – you can really let your imagination free and make it exactly how you want – some even add lights to their creations!

1. Spooky Graveyard Diorama

5 Halloween Pumpkin Diorama Ideas
This is the epitome of a Halloween Fairy garden with the graveyard and green light highlighting the skulls and pumpkins.

2. Pumpkins

5 Halloween Pumpkin Diorama Ideas
You can really build dramatic impact by adding mini pumpkins.

3. Halloween Pumpkin Diorama

5 Halloween Pumpkin Diorama Ideas
A fantastic little scene complete with a fence and mini houses.

4. Haunted House Diorama

5 Halloween Pumpkin Diorama Ideas
You can purchase a house, trees and graveyard pieces from the Dollar store to recreate similar.

5. Half and Half

5 Halloween Pumpkin Diorama Ideas
A foam pumpkin can be cut in half to make the above image.  You can, then, get creative with the leftover parts of foam.  Create simple pumpkin shapes or even something more ambitious.

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