DIY Mother’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

Make Mother’s day a special occasion for your Mom by crafting her something special for the day. Avoid commercial cards and check out these DIY Mother’s Day Cards for Kids to Make.

1. Flower Pot

Flower Pot
This great idea combines two of mom’s favorite things – a handmade card and flowers!

2. Mums are like buttons

Mums are like buttons
This is a great way to get rid of all those spare buttons you have lying around the house while giving mom a lovely message.

3. Washi Tape Card

Washi Tape Card
Make a patterned Mother’s day card using different Washi tapes. Create an interesting design by cutting the Washi tapes in equal lengths and stick them to the card diagonally. When you are finished, you can write a heartfelt message inside the card,

4. Sending Big Hugs

Sending Big Hugs

5. Fancy


6. Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers

7. Love you This Much

Love you This Much
A beautiful and original way to send a message of love, trace your child’s hand and cut out twice. In the center place a length of paper and write the message “Love you This Much”.

8. Blowing Hearts

Blowing Hearts
Make this fancy card by printing circle shapes with black paint on the white paper. Once dry cut into 6 strips, then number them. Gluing from left to right, from 1 to 6, onto black black card stock stick a black and white photo of your child’s profile blowing kisses over this. Paste the hearts and you’re finished.
source lolococo

9. Handprint Flower Pot

Handprint Flower Pot
Trace your child’s onto card stock and cut out. Paste different color flowers onto each finger tip and stick into a paper pot.

10. Bouquet of Flowers

 Bouquet of Flowers
This makes a great card and gift idea from kids to mom for Mother’s Day. Bouquet of flowers made out of the kids hands with colorful paper and a different colored paint of top to add texture with a heart center for the flower.

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